Oasis (Korean, 2002)

Korea's Place in the Sun (By Bruce Cumigs)

Look Homeward, Angel (By Thomas Wolfe)

My American Journey (By Colin Powell)

Miyamoto Musashi (By Yoshikawa Eiji)

A Perfect World (American, 1993)

The Bonfire of the Vanities (American, 1990)

Heuksooseon (Korean, 2001) (English Title: Black Narcissus)

Blue (Korean, 2003)

The Deer Hunter (American, 1978)

Seven Samurai (Japanese, 1954)

All the President's Men (American, 1976)

A Few Good Men (American, 1992)

Billy Elliot (British, 2000)

Swiri (Korean, 1999)

Brotherhood (Korean, 2004)

gIt ain't as bad as you think. It will look better in the morning.h
gDon't take counsel of your fears or naysayers.h
Quotes from Colin Powell's Rules.

Favorite Books

gInside every one of us is a special talent waiting to come out. The trick is finding it.h
A quote from the website of Billy Elliot.

Favorite Movies


The Book of Five Rings (By Miyamoto Musashi)

Darekano Negaiga Kanaukoro (Utada Hikaru)

Amazing Grace (Nakajima Mika)

Omoiga Kasanaru Sonomaeni... (Hirai Ken)

Shima Uta (The BOOM)










Favorite Songs


If You (Yoongun)